Karmic Astrology

What is Karmic Astrology?

This important branch of astrology helps us understand the consequences of our actions. Karmic astrology studies past lives and their influence on our current life.
Karmic astrology helps us understand, why certain things happen to us in life, from which time and space we brought this with us to this planet. Karmic astrology tells us, at which level of our development we are, what is our goal in this life and how to exceed our karma and live a full life.
This branch of astrology is intended for those people, who attend to go through same lessons over and over again but fail to find an answer to it. If you are getting divorced, if you are victim of abuse, if you are having financial difficulties, phobias, if you are depressed, analysis of your natal birth chart can help you overcome these problems.

Karmic Astrology

What can You gain with the analysis?

I will analyze the 2 lives before the present one. You will get an insight what you were doing in these 2 lives and in which timeframe you lived. We will focus mainly on you current problems and the connection with previous actions. I will tell you what your main purpose in this life is and where you have the opportunity to exceed your karma.
We will make a short insight into your future lives to see, which lessons you will be faced with.
Karmic astrology is not a substitution of traditional treatments, it is only an instrument for those, who would like to do something for them and get an answer, what we are doing here at this time.

For an easier decision you can read below an extract of karmic analysis:

Last Moon conjunction with Pluto in Libra suggests, the task in previous life was not easy. The cusp of fifth house and Jupiter in twelfth house indicate that the incarnation was male. You were a person with great power and on a high position. But at the same time you were also someone, who lost everything you loved. Besides that moral and abuse of authority stand under question – everything was about the money.
You were surely a highly educated person, who was involved with spirituality. Therefore everything indicates to a spiritual leader, who abuses his powers – Pluto that stole and lied – Neptune square Mercury. Neptune square Venus in natal chart indicates that you deceived your family for money, heritage.
This is only a part of, usually, written analysis on 2 to 3 pages.

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